Notes: 1:Clickable 2:Unclickable Growth Factors Glucose NADH AMPKActivation Nicotinamide Ribose AMP ADPR Units ADPR Units Poly ADP-Ribose Live Cell PARP Cleavage Normal Function Loss of Function Cancer ADP-Ribose Units Other DNA Repair Enzyme DNA Repair High Damage Low Damage ATP / NAD Depletion Necrosis Apoptosis Initiation Event Caspase-3 Activation Znl Zn Znlll BRCT WGR H Y E * * * NLS DBD AD Catalytic Domain Other Unknown Targets ATP ARH3 PARG TSC2 TSC1 Class IPI3K Atg4A ROS ROS Atg1-Atg13Complex Viable with No Mutation Viable with Mutation Genotoxin Raptor P ARP mLST8 XRCC1 Histone H1 MRE11 ADP Modulate PARP Activity Modulate PARP Activity Recruitment of XRCC1 and DNA ligase III to SSBs and repair by BER. Altered chromatin binding during DNA damage and transcription. DSB repair by NHEJ. DSB repair by HR and checkpoint activation. HR and restarting of collapsed replication forks. Genomic maintenance. NAD Transient Recruitment and Non-covalent and Covalent Modifications of Various Proteins P {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ group.title }} {{ text.text }} {{ button.text }} {{ group.title }} {{ text.text }}